Virginity vs women’s freedom

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For long years women’s sexuality was oppressed. We were told that we just have to do our ‘marital duty’ no matter if we liked it or not, no matter if it was pleasurable or painful. Worse, we were supposed to stay pure and untouched and keep the flower for the husband who was supposed to be that first one. Patriarchal society and major religions excelled at brainwashing like this. Some cultures even went further than that (they still do) and mutilated women’s genitals by cutting off the clitoris and sewing the labia together… Just to make sure they stay untouched.

All of these equal to the fact that a woman and her pussy were commodities, the live commodities whose opinions or needs were not really taken into account. Additionally, even women themselves got brainwashed into believing and  maintaining this status quo. Don’t you remember, ladies, how your mothers told you that a respectable girl doesn’t do this or that? And urging you to guard your hymen for your future husband? Fortunately this is changing, more and more women in Western societies don’t believe the bullshit about staying innocent till marriage and prefer to explore their own sexuality whenever they want.

After all, if a woman’s completely innocent how can she tell if a man that  deflowered her and continues to have access to her bed as a ‘rightful master and husband’ does any good job there? If she can’t compare, she has absolutely no clue. Perhaps she could find a better man…

Getting a sexual match is equally important as other aspects of a relationship.

Of course it’s also bad news for you guys, ’cause now you have to prove your worth in bed to women who are aware of their sexuality and their needs. They know what they want and for sure it’s a not a man who cares only about his own satisfaction.

In Hekate’s Passage book, our female protagonists are not innocent girls, they have a certain amount of sexual experience and this is also why they can fully appreciate the skills of their rockers. These guys really rock their world.

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