Would you pay for a sex doll’s virginity?


Apparently there are people who would.

More than that, they would pay quite dearly. The bids for the virginity of a new sex doll that is just being introduced have reached $105,000.

The hymen of Valentina, Brazil’s first life-like sex doll can even sell for more as the bidding is not over yet. The online auction for this lady’s flower ends on 31 March and the ‘happy’ winner will get a package that includes:

  • A night in the presidential suite of Motel Swing [a pay-by-the-hour motel] in the city of São Paulo
  • A special candlelit dinner with French champagne
  • An aromatic bath with rose petals
  • Roundtrip flights (if you don’t live in Sao Paulo)
  • Special lingerie (this is for her!)
  • A digital camera so you can film and after show it to your friends

While I wouldn’t mind a night in a presidential suite, a candletit champagne dinner or an aromatic bath with rose petals as a prelude to a crazy night I suppose it’s much better idea to spend this amount of money on a real person instead just a doll. And I don’t care if her skin is similar in texture to human skin or the fact that “she has green eyes, fleshy lips, full breasts and a body that inspires envy in all women,” as the representative of Sexônico, the shop that launches this toy describes on their website. Personally I wouldn’t pay a cent for spending a night with a virgin (no matter male or female). What is in it for me? Just asking… Am I supposed to teach him or her everything?

Would you pay over 105,000 bucks for deflowering a sex doll, guys?

Isn’t it a kind of a refined and much overpriced masturbation?


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