Does size of a man’s penis matter?


Men have always been pre-occupied with the size of their male equipment. Does the size of a man’s penis matter for you, ladies? Or do you rather attach value to some other things such as bed skills of its owner, for example? After all our G points are not that deep in our vaginas, even relatively short dicks should be able to reach them and stimulate them successfully if the owner of the dick in question knows what to do and how to do it. There might be also this little fact that some of us, women, may prefer the whereabouts of the maleness cleanly shaven as we are not especially partial to having hair between our teeth when we do a blow job… And of course, as they say, a tree looks higher if there are no bushes underneath, Well, it looks like we’re back to the matters of size again.

Just to illustrate the matter, a chart that I found once while browsing through some naughty pages:


What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Does size of a man’s penis matter?

  1. Size only matters to me if it’s in extremes… Waaaay too small can’t be saved by good skills, and similarly if it hurts too much every single time nothing can make it better if it’s waaaay too big… But generally nah, size doesn’t really bother me. Epic skills (and/or willingness to practise…) are way more important! 😛

    D x

  2. I once read a fanfic of Harry Potter where the writer put to good use the spell of Engorgio…And it wasn’t to increase the size of penis but of something else – tongue… Can you imagine? Such a large, wet, slippery, warm nimble thing inside? 😉

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