Fitness – a key to be better at sex?

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When I was a teenager I remember I was never keen on physical education at school. Every excuse was good to skip this class, and I know I wasn’t the only one and that this attitude to exercising is still quite popular among teenagers at schools. It seems that teachers really use a bad approach and kids still don’t participate in physical education classes willingly enough. And it would just take telling them this. “Hey, chicks, listen up. You want to be better at sex, have better orgasms? Go, do one more lap then lie down and do shoulder bridge and crunches.” In case of a male group (yes, I remember physical education classes not being co-educational since more or less 4th grade) – “Listen up, boys. You want to pick and screw more hot chicks? Get those muscles in shape, hot chicks don’t like flabby men. And while we’re at that, you could also work some muscles that will not only make you look better, they will make you better at screwing a chick.”

I wish I had had such teachers. Unfortunately I didn’t. I discovered fitness and its connection with better sex much later. Luckily for me I’ve never been in an embarrassing situation when I or my sexual partner had to stop humping because of shortness of breath or a muscle cramp, but I’ve heard from some friends and fora users that this kind of things do happen.

It’s only up to you if you choose to continue leading an inactive, sedentary lifestyle or if you introduce some sports and exercise into your daily timetable. Regular workout will make you better at humping, and while we’re at it, humping is a workout as well. Your sexual life and erotic sensations will certainly benefit from more exercise.

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