Anal fantasies or why Greek sex shouldn’t be disregarded (1)



Have you ever tried to use the back door in your sex life? No? Why? Don’t be afraid. It’s not unclean if you just take certain precautions. A light enema or an anal douche can take care of any remaining dirtiness inside your anus and give you a comfort that no “accident” will happen while you enjoy the pleasures your asshole can give you. And certainly you can’t be tense if you intend to try it. Relax, have a glass or two of wine before attempting any breach of your asshole. Your anus can give you a lot of satisfaction if you treat it right.

Your asshole is a powerful erogenous zone, and it’s not only your asshole, the skin in your crack and your buttocks as well. If you haven’t discovered them yet you can try even in a shower just using your own hands and fingers. Use some lubricant – it can be a shower gel to get your fingers and the skin slippery. Even when you touch yourself on the outside will show you how sensitive this is. Try to press your finger in… Slowly… See how tight it is? The ring muscle around your anus is very strong closing the last 2-3 centimeters of your colon, but deeper in it’s already wider. Despite its strength it’s also very flexible, you can stretch to get a bigger object there, like a dildo or your partner’s penis, but it has to be done slowly and with enough lubrication.

Just discover slowly your reactions to this type of sex can be, first on your own, then with your partner. Even you don’t want to go for a full anal intercourse you can play with various sex toys, or just use  fingers. O your partner can lick you there and let you see how much pleasure anal love can bring.

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