Taste does matter…

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fruit platter

Guys, have you ever wondered why she won’t just swallow afterwards? After the blow job… I suppose at least some of you have…  Well, the second question is, have you heard this joke?

A girl and a boy go into a bar to have some drinks. They sit, talk, drink  and have fun and suddenly she starts to talk about a new drink. The more she says about it, the more she excited she gets and finally convinces the boy to order the drink. He agrees. The bartender serves the drink putting the following in front of the guy: a saltshaker, a shot of  Bailey’s Irish Cream and a shot of lime juice. The boy looks at these ingredients sheepishly so the girl explains.

“First, you should sprinkle some salt on your tongue, then you take the Bailey’s and hold it in your mouth and at the end goes the lime juice.”

It doesn’t sound too appetizing for the boy but  as he wants to show her he’s the man he does as she says. He takes some salt, well, it’s ok so far. Then goes the Bailey’s, smooth, aromatic, really pleasent… Cool! Finally goes the lime juice. At first, a sharp taste of the fruit hits his palate, then the Bailey’s gets curdled and the salty-bitter-curdly taste attacks his gullet. Obviously he retches but as he doesn’t want the girl to get upset he manages to swallow. He turns to the girl disappointed.

“What is this fucking drink?”

“Haven’t you heard? It’s called Revenge for a Blowjob.”

I bet it sounds quite familiar to you, ladies, doesn’t it?

Gentlemen, if you want us to swallow, do something about the flavour of your semen (if this is the cause your partner refuses to let you finish in her mouth). You can start with tasting yourselves.

What? What? What? Do I hear well? WTF? So you want us to taste and swallow your cum but you have no clue how your own semen tastes?  Well, what the heck do you expect then? Quick, quick. One, two, three, a hand job, a self service of your own. Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you don’t jerk yourselves off. I won’t believe it… Then a short sampling…

Hmmm, so how tasty do you find yourself? If you think, the flavour of your semen is not particularly appetizing, you can start with changing some of your dietary habits. And also stop smoking.  What you eat and drink, does have affect the taste. Smoking cigarettes does too, a lot. Try to change these habits, and soon you may enjoy a full blowjob finished with swallowing from your partner.  That is of course if it was the taste that was the reason for the reluctance… Some may have deeply ingrained  religious beliefs that may say: swallowing is cannibalism, spitting is abortion.

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