Is Hekate’s Passage a sexually perverse book?

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Maxine Wells-Lingerie

What is a (sexual) perversion? Probably according to most religious conservative views it’s anything that strays from procreational purpose of two people having sex. So we could say that any sex purely for fun is a perversion (this of course is an overstatement). What about lesbian love or threesomes then? These sure wouldn’t gain the approval of strict religious adherents. Anal sex, bondage, double penetrations, gang bangs? God protect us from this sinful indecency! Apage, Satanas! Burn in hell!

So, from this point of view our book is definitely erotically perverse. You’ll find all these types of sex there. Our female protagonists discover they like making out with one another, sure to the visible delight of their gorgeous rockers who enjoy watching; threesomes, bondage, anal sex as well as double penetrations are ardently welcome by the girls. Things get even wilder than this… With the introduction of ‘special guests’ the girls discover the experience of gangbang…

So, yes. Hekate’s Passage is perverse and kinky and if you’re a strictly religious person (no matter which religion), then sure you shouldn’t pick it up for fear it will condemn your soul for an eternity in hell. But if you’re not afraid of sinning, which is after all very pleasant, you’re sure going to enjoy it as some of our readers already have.

However, if you’re a hard core pervert, that is deep into all kinds of philias, or a hard core BDSM connaisseur  then you may find our book kind of a ‘kindergarden perversion’. Just a mild kink, but nothing really earthshaking.

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