Hekate’s Passage – the book

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We’d like to tell you a few words of beginnings of our book. We started out in June of 2011. All our writing was at first an outlet to the sexual fantasies that were spinning in our minds, spinning and overflowing, making us horny and distracted. The men we were and are still lusting for are really inspiring as objects of erotic dreams. They are in a rock band, or perhaps I should say, they are in a heavy metal band. Their energizing, powerful music thrills us to the core with a double-guitar attack and a powerful vocalist,  all 5 band members blast a wall of sound over a solid bass and drum base. Virile, handsome, skillful at what they do and more than accomplished at seducing women, they have been whipping our imagination into frenzy making us fantasize and dream of our crashes in a lusty way. From what we know it’s not only us that dream about them in this way. There are many of their fans, hot chicks or not, that would sell their souls to have any of the male protagonists of our book in their beds and make their wildest erotic fantasies come true .  These guys are 60ish now but they still have so much sex appeal that emanates from them when you meet them in person, it’s incredible.

So, writing down our sexual fantasies about them began as an outlet for letting off steam so to say, and also for fun. But with time we have noticed that this kind of fiction is getting more and more popular; moreover we have been receiving positive feedback from our readers who were asking us why we don’t publish our story commercially. This is what  finally made us decide to have a try.

If you are reading this, it means you have found our blog through various search engines through key words connected to erotica. Well, you have come to the right address, we’ll soon post the links showing where you can buy our book. The book that you will hopefully enjoy, just like our editor did, let me tell you what he told us:

“First off, it is hard to believe that English is your second language, as you have excellent command of it! Of course, there were minor issues and interesting use of some words. Overall, though, you write very well. You know it’s said that “Art imitates life or vice versa…” and this seems to be the case with your book. It’s hard for me to believe this is fiction because your descriptions of intimate love-making are so real. The Greek goddess Hecate or Hekate fits you story line to a point, since she’s involved with witchcraft and sorcery–and the underworld; however, with all of the sexual occurrences, you might have included Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love in there somewhere!

It’s a very interesting story line. It reminds me of a time when I fantasized about hanging out with Mick Jagger and David Bowie–but only in the partying sense (and with whatever girls came with the territory), but after reading how the Twist’s gang shared their women – I don’t think I could’ve kept up with even Jagger or Bowie! Your book seems more like reality and that’s good when fiction can seem so real.”

Does it sound interesting for you? I hope it does. So what’s the story line? Here it goes:

Yasmin is a young Argentinean girl with a strong dedication to investigate paranormal phenomena. She has always been curious about the occult and has sought scientific explanations for the so-called unexplained events. Now, on a grant from an international institution, she travels to London to meet in person three girlfriends who she only knows from the virtual world of Facebook and Metal Forum with whom she shares the earnest love for a British heavy metal band and an insatiable curiosity about the supernatural.

After meeting in England, Yasmin and her three girlfriends get to know professor Watterson, the president of the institution, who gives them the necessary instruments and tells them how to get to the Hekate’s Passage, a mysterious place where various phenomena related to time have happened for centuries. What’s also interesting for Yasmin and her 3 girlfriends is that the worshipped band had a near-fatal accident in the vicinity of that gloomy cairn. This makes them even more eager to investigate the energy of the place. However the stone circle and the energies hidden there have their ‘plans’ for the 4 girlfriends who accidentally revive an ancient fertility ritual and magic of the goddess Hecate, queen of the underworld.

Their enthusiasm and all the emotions go far in their quest for the unknown. All this energy they put into the ritual finally transports them back in time to the 80s – the times when the metal rules the world. Drawn by accident or perhaps by magic the members of the girls’ beloved band find them in the stone circle confused, beautiful and naked, still entranced by maddening dance that took them 26 years back. If you combine sexy, naked chicks and horny, bad ass metal musicians the result is easy to predict. The girls spend an evening filled with crazy sex with their favorite band members who turn out to be the men from their dreams. The band members refuse to believe the girls’ preposterous story but at the same time can’t explain why they feel so strangely attracted to them. The wild evening ends up dramatically, the energy of the place strikes again making all of them escape in panic. However, the girls are lost in time now, with no place to go, no clothes, no documents. They get sheltered by the band members who give them accommodation in their own mansion and gradually the story moves to overcome the girls’ erotic inhibitions. During a few days of their stay in the 80s Yasmin and her girlfriends find out that their idols shag almost as well as they play their guitars and sing. Thanks to the band members’ sexual skills they gradually cross borders in their own sexuality, finding out that kink is what they really like and the more perverse the better… Despite being so erotically busy they also start discover dark secrets of long forgotten Goddess Hekate, the Lady of the Underworld and Sorcery

Whether you liked or absolutely hated ‘50 Shades of Grey’ this book is a must for you, even if only to compare. If you’re into erotica, graphic descriptions of intimate love-making, so real that it’s hard to believe they are fictional will make you enjoy this first installment of the sensual saga.

Stay tuned, the novel has been already edited. Now we just need a cover, then it has to be converted into an e-book. I hope that more or less in a month you’ll be able to find it in Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other bookstores.

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